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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hölmetrics work?

Hölmetrics customers can choose either the Microsoft or Google GSuite app to install on their account. Microsoft users can access their dashboard through the dedicated Sharepoint Add-in. Google customers can access their dashboard via the Hölmetrics website.

Can an individual employee opt-out of Hölmetrics?

No. Since Hölmetrics uses the data collected by the organization in an organizational office suite account, an individual employee would have to opt-out of their organization’s office suite.

Does Hölmetrics have a privacy policy?

Yes, we do! You can find it here:

Do you collect private data?

 We do not collect any data from an organization. We only store the results of our analytics.

Does Hölmetrics use surveys?

No. Hölmetrics does not use surveys in its analysis of organizations. Occasionally Hömetrics may use pulse surveys to train our machine learning models.

Do you have a limit to the size of customer you can serve?

We have no upper limit to the size of organization Hölmetrics works well for, the smallest number of employees we serve is 100 employees. For organizations smaller than 100, we would recommend checking out Not Myself Today from the Canadian Mental Health Association.