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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general steps for installation, deployments, and rollout?
  1. With an O365 install, you will be provided with a link issued by Microsoft to give our application access to Graph API endpoints to pull data from Office 365.
  2. Once an O365 admin has authorized, the next step is to have our Holmetrics Widget to be installed on your intranet.  The widget provides us with a way to validate data and train our models.
  3. Communication to employees should happen prior to the widget installation and prior to the data pulls so that when the widget appears, the employees understand what it is and how the data is being used. Once installed, we can begin pulling data from O365.
Are there any immediate risks of other applications being impacted?

Nope. There should be no impact on any of your systems.

What system or security permissions are needed to install, and who will need this access?


Hölmetrics is registered with Microsoft Azure.  The authorization link we will send you as part of the installation will authorize this application to pull data from O365.  That is all that is needed.

Google Workspace


Where does the application reside?

The data pull routines and the application data reside in AWS.   The widget will be installed on your intranet.

Where is the data that is collected reside?

The data is processed on the fly with sensitive data and content removed completely before being stored in our AWS databases.

Where is the data processed?

The data is processed on the fly (in memory) and the processed data stored in our AWS databases.  AWS provides a high level of security.  For details please see

What support is needed from employees for full rollout?

The only support that is needed is to help with the install of our widget on your intranet.