Workload Optimization

Understanding how the workload is spread out through your team is essential for understanding the current health and morale of your team. Hölmetrics helps you see who’s carrying the load and empowers team leaders to optimize your team to carry the load more efficiently.

Activity Level

Activity Level can be the silver bullet for your team’s health, and so it is a key metric to understanding the culture of your team. Do you have an active team that is taking the time to move or a sedentary team that is too focused on the task at hand?


Every team leader wants their people to feel fulfilled in their role. Knowing whether or not they are is incredibly difficult. With Hölmetrics we give team leaders and members deep insight into the level of their team’s sense of fulfillment.

Positive Relationships

Having a cohesive team that works well together is critical to maintaining focus on the goals of your team. Certainly easier said than done. With Hölmetrics you can see what segments of your organization are struggling relationally and tips on how to improve relationships in your team.