Why Hölmetrics

Our Purpose

Like a lot of good ideas, Hölmetrics was created out of a workplace that was not healthy or safe. Our team was burning out, our costs were skyrocketing due to our benefit utilization, and we had a very hard time findng qualified people to work with us.

The more we talked with other teams we recognized that our experience was not unique. Workload management was non-existant, culture was broken and surface level, engagement levels were like a rollercoaster, and relationally our teams were broken.

We needed a way to monitor our teams health and safety in real-time, and we were convinced that it could be possible.

We wanted to predict things like burnout before they happened and dedicated our lives to find a way.

Our Science

We are a data science company. Our vision from the very beginning was to get to the point to predict workplace health and safety issues with both individuals and teams before those problems sideline people or entire organizations. 

Our algorithms have been developed using the latest research in workplace mental health. 

We have used validated survey based results to validate our data-based results. 

Our research is ongoing and we continue to strive towards our original vision. 



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