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world-changing teams.

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Get real-time employee experience analytics that highlight the most critical insights about your company every day, without using surveys.


Connect the dots between experience and performance with leading predictive indicators of your KPIs and the bottom line your company.


Systematically build a healthy sustainable company that out performs the competition by empowering collaboration between leaders and managers across your organization.

Hölmetrics represents a huge step forward in monitoring, maintaining, and correcting issues related to the wellness of our staff. The team at Hölmetrics is very knowledgeable and has been working with us every step of the way to make sure our needs are met. We’re excited to continue to use Hölmetrics and haven’t found any other competing solutions to be nearly as informative or intuitive to integrate and deploy.
Chris Parker

Partner, Tangent Design Engineering


60% of employees would take a pay cut to work somewhere that cared more about their personal wellbeing.1

1 Morneau Shepell (

We help predict risk and reduce costs


The cost of disengagement as a % of each employee's annual salary.

The cost to replace a key manager (based on a salary of $95,000).

The average cost of annual absenteeism per employee.


It costs anywhere from 20% – 200% of an employees annual salary to replace them.

Burnout and Disengagement

Only about 27% of employees consider themselves highly engaged.


The average employee takes 3.5 days off every year due to stress and mental health concerns.


Mental health accounts for 30% of claims and 70% of costs for all workplace disability claims.


See the correlation between your people analytics and your key performance indicators.

By assessing employee experience in real-time you open a doorway to predicting operational outcomes in time to make a definable impact.


Engaged teams increase profitability by...

KPI Correlations

DEI Mapping

Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth Factors

By capturing insights in real-time, we can predict operational outcomes and target how to improve them.


See the effect of changes to your organization in real-time.

Turn change management into a catalyst for Growth by measuring it’s impact and testing changes on strategic areas of your business.

Disengaged employees have:


Higher Absenteeism


Lower Productivity


Lower Profitability

Event Benchmarking

Change Readiness

Mergers & Acquisitions

DEI Mapping

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The Power of Employee Engagement

The Cost of Wellbeing