Predict and improve operational performance

using real-time employee experience insights.

No surveys required.

60% of employees would take a pay cut to work somewhere that cared more about their personal wellbeing.1

1 Morneau Shepell (

Employee Experience

Seeing is understanding.

Say goodbye to relying on surveys for your people metrics. Instead of waiting weeks to get insight on a small percentage of your team, get real-time insight into your entire team.

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Disengaged employees cost:


of each employee's annual salary.

The cost per employee (based on $55,000/year)

The cost per 100 employees

Diversity and Inclusion

We help you see how people experience the workplace differently.

Insights in Minutes, Not Weeks

You can't wait weeks to get insights into the things affecting your operational performance today.

eS Score

Know your employee satisfaction score in real-time without having to rely on surveys.

No Surveys Required

Platforms that rely on surveys only get ~30% response rate. With Hölmetrics you see the whole picture.

Leader Impact

Great leaders care about their employee's experience.

We empower leaders to impact their organization's performance by giving them vital insights in minutes instead of weeks.


Managers account for at least...


of the variance in team engagement.

Organization Level Insights

Get a look at your entire organization at a glance.

Department Level Insights

Dig deep into your organization to understand where you can make the biggest impact.

Remote Workforce Enabled

Your workforce has become highly distributed. Know how they're doing even when you don't see them at the watercooler.

Predict Outcomes, Target Impact

By capturing insights in real-time, we can predict operational outcomes and target how to improve them.

Organizational Performance

You're empowered to drive performance and achieve excellence.

By assessing employee experience in real-time you open a doorway to predicting operational outcomes in time to make a definable impact.


Disengaged employees have:


Higher Absenteeism


Lower Productivity


Lower Profitability

Real-Time Reporting

Measure employee experience on an ongoing basis every day of the year.

Optimize Your Workforce

Optimize your team's workload, engagement, social capital and more!

Manage Change

Track the effects of organizational changes on your team's culture.

Mergers and Acquisitions Diagnostics

Take the guess work out of bringing teams together.

How it Works


We securely and privately assess organizational data.

Turn Your Data Into Powerful Insights

Hölmetrics connects to tools that teams use every day and analyzes thousands of data points in real-time.

Data Stored Safe and Secure Inside Your Own Business

Hölmetrics does not collect or store any sensitive data and is fully compliant with your companies privacy policy as well as local privacy law.

Anonymous, Aggregated, Confidential

All data used by Hölmetrics is anonymized, aggregated and kept confidential. We do not provide data to any third parties.


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