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what is Hölmetrics?

Hölmetrics uses data collected from smart devices to track leading indicators of Occupational Burnout.

We then provide helpful (and scientifically validated) self-care feedback so that you can prevent it.

Hölmetrics helps create healthy life-giving places to work.

for employers

Predictive Analysis

Get real-time feedback on the risk-factors most effecting your organization and what to do about it.

Data Visualization

Visualize your organizational wellness on your dashboard and filter down to custom demographics.

Coaching and Faciliation

Your Hölmetrics facilitator will walk with you and your organization every step of the way to help get the most out of the platform.


Ask a question and get an answer…of everyone in your organization…in minutes!

Real-Time Feedback

When you make changes to benefit your organization see its effects in real-time on your dashboard.


Hölmetrics changes corporate culture by creating a language and starting a conversation about mental, emotional and physical health.

for employees


When you burnout, you’re typically stuck looking in the rearview mirror asking “How?” With Hölmetrics, know exactly how you’re doing, and how to avoid burning out.


Every week you’ll receive your weekly self-care plan–highlighting your risk factors for burnout, what to do about, and a self-care activity for you to enjoy for the week.


At any time that you need help using Hölmetrics, or are looking to get more out of it, you can access professional coaching 24/7.


Hölmetrics provides you with the opportunity to be a catalyst for change in your organization. You even get to review your boss!


You are in complete control of your data. No one can see your individualized data but you.


Your data is stored on a sovereign cloud server that is guarded by security guards around the clock.


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Creating healthy life-giving workplaces.

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