Use Secure Data to Detect Burnout Before it Happens

Hölmetrics allows you to see your whole health, and provides you with a self-care plan to optimize the way you work for improved health and performance.

Use the Organizational Dashboard to See the Whole Health of Your Team

Hölmetrics provide anonymous data to employers, allowing you to see the whole health of your entire organization, while ensuring the privacy and security of your people.

Organizational Wellness From a Holistic Perspective

Hölmetrics optimizes the way in which people work, lowering rates of stress-related absence, and increasing productivity in a healthy life-giving way.

Hölmetrics helps create healthy life-giving places to work.

Our Story

Hölmetrics began its journey in 2016, officially launching our prototype November 4th at a conference for youth workers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Since that time we have been researching, talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, connecting with industry partners, developing, tinkering and figuring. We’ve been incredibly blessed by many many people along the way. Hölmetrics is a total team effort, and we have a long way to go to reach our goals.

We are motivated daily by the millions of people around the world who suffer from burnout every year. We work tirelessly to ensure that that becomes a thing of the past.

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why it works.


First and foremost, Hölmetrics creates self-awareness by offering an honest glimpse at how you’re really doing.


Hölmetrics provides you with a Self-Care plan that helps you optimize the way in which you work for increased health and productivity.



Connect with a certified coach who will help you implement your Self-Care plan.



The only one seeing your individual data is you.


Your data is secured with the same level of security as financial institutions.


Organizational data contains only anonymous big group data. There is no way for organizations to obtain an individual’s data.

how it works.



Gathering objective data on how you work across several key metrics.


Using mechanical learning and a specially designed algorithm, we analyze your data to detect leading indicators of occupational burnout.



Based on our analysis, we provide a self-care plan for you to optimize how you work in order to be healthier, sustainable and more productive.


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Hölmetrics helps create healthy life-giving places to work.

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