We Help You Keep Your Best People Longer

We equip leaders to make real-time data-informed decisions that drive employee experience and business performance at the same time.

Reduce Turnover

Identify trends and patterns between employee experience and the risk of turnover and absenteeism.


Reduction in Turnover

Improve Performance

The science is clear. Psychologically safe teams perform better. Reducing psychosocial risks exponentially increases your team’s ability to deliver.


Increased Productivity

Foster Innovation

Innovation requires psychological safety because you need everyone to contribute ideas without fear of reprisal.


More Likely to Collaborate

We help leaders build psychologically safe workplace cultures that drive performance and foster innovation.

Research tells us that psychological safety is the most accurate leading indicator of organizational performance, and results in…

After using Holmetrics at our firm for the past six months I’m truly impressed with how easily we can visualize the impact of our employee wellbeing on our business performance.

Allison James

Partner, James & McIntyre

Many leaders I work with have a hard time determining what specific actions to take to improve the overall well-being and engagement of their workforce. Annual surveys do not give them the insights that they need to identify key opportunities, monitor progress, and demonstrate a strong listening strategy. Leaders are concerned about burnout, safety, and the overall mental health of their teams and I have found that Hölmetrics offers them a unique opportunity for continuous listening and micro-action planning that can make a real difference to employee well-being. Because it is both rooted in science and easy to use, leaders are quick to get to the “Aha!” moment that explains what is going on with their team and what can be done about it.

Ryan Rex

Principal, CROS Leadership

Ground Breaking Research & Development

We are moving psychosocial research into the twenty-first century by building the next generation of machine-learning models that can accurately identify psychosocial risk passively using anonymized organizational communication metadata.

Our Process


We connect to the tools your team uses every day, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Slack.


We anonymize all metadata we access and completely detach it from any identifiable information.


We group data into departments and demographics and make it impossible for anyone to identify an individual.


We then provide our actionable assessments to you.

Assessing workplace culture has never been easier.


Measure 27 Psychosocial Risks in Real-time


Heatmaps for quick identification of problem areas.


Custom Report Building Let's The Data Tell the Story


Start Day 1 with the Last 8 Weeks of Analysis.