How it Works

Step 1

We connect to the tools your team uses every day, like…

…and available addons like these…

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Step 2

We use predictive modelling and several leading technologies…

Artificial Intelligence

AI allows us to automatically process thousands of data points simultaneously and providing valuable insight into that data. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning, an arm of AI, takes the processed data and begins learning about the typical environment of your organization to the point of being able to accurately predict future realities. 

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP), another extension of AI, analyzes text to determine tone and sentiment. 

Internal Social Network Analysis

Internal Social Network Analysis 

Inclusion and Bias Analysis

We use each of these technologies to analyze workplace communication for gender and ethnic inclusion, bias or discrimination. 

Step 3

All data is aggregated and kept completely confidential. We then assess the entire organization…

Health and Wellbeing

  • Stress
  • Somatic Stress
  • Burnout
  • Depressive Symptoms
  • Cognitive Stress
  • Self Rated Health
  • Harassment

Relationships and Leadership

  • Social Support from Colleagues
  • Recognition
  • Quality of Leadership
  • Sense of Community at Work
  • Work Predictability
  • Social Support from Supervisor
  • Role Clarity
  • Role Conflict

Work/Life Integration

  • Insecurity over Working Conditions
  • Commitment to the Workplace
  • Work-Life Conflict
  • Job Insecurity
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Quality of Work


Social Capital

  • Vertical Trust
  • Horizontal Trust
  • Organizational Justice


  • Cognitive Demands
  • Emotional Demands
  • Work Pace
  • Quantitative Demands



  • Meaning of Work
  • Variation of Work
  • Control over Working time
  • Possibilities for Development
  • Influence at Work
  • Work Engagement



Step 4

We present that data through our Microsoft Sharepoint Add-in, for Microsoft users, and our secure dashboard for Google users.