How it Works

How it Works


We securely and privately assess organizational data.

Turn Your Data Into Powerful Insights

Hölmetrics connects to tools that teams use every day and analyzes thousands of data points in real-time.

Data Stored Safe and Secure Inside Your Own Business

Hölmetrics does not collect or store any sensitive data and is fully compliant with your companies privacy policy as well as local privacy law.

Anonymous, Aggregated, Confidential

All data used by Hölmetrics is anonymized, aggregated and kept confidential. We do not provide data to any third parties.


We predict performance based on your Hölmetrics

Powerfully Simple Visualization

We then provide dashboards directly to executive leadership, human resources, management and front-line employees.

Predict and Improve Performance

  • Connect your operational data to Hölmetrics
  • See the relationship between your Hölmetrics and your KPIs
  • We empower you to predict your KPIs and improve them in real-time

Executive Dashboard

Our Executive Dashboard gives organizational leadership a quick glance at the most important metrics affecting their business today. We call these your Hölmetrics.

Management Dashboard

Our Management Dashboard provides department and geographic level insights to leaders who need to be able to make a real-time impact on their teams, driving organizational performance at the ground level.

Employee Reports

Employee Reports are sent monthly to your employee's inbox. These reports highlight positive stories of the growth in your organization’s culture and employee experience. We also take the opportunity to share thoughts on critical issues like workplace burnout.


Improve performance in real-time using predicative leading indicators.

Take Action

Data that doesn’t create action is just noise. Hölmetrics provides leaders with a gameplan on improving employee experience that directly leads to improving operational outcomes.