Microsoft Teams

Authorize the Microsoft Teams APIs and install the Microsoft Teams Pulse tool.

Required: Client-side Microsoft 365 Administrator Access

Google Workspace

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the installation of Holmetrics for our organization? How long does it take?

The installation of Hölmetrics is a simple one-step process.  Click the link above corresponding to the integration you require and authorize the app’s required permissions. This requires an administrator of these platforms.  This process can take up to 10 minutes depending on which tools are used within your organization. 

Can our employees opt-out of receiving the Pulse surveys from MS Teams?

Yes, employees can simply uninstall the Pulse app from their Microsoft Teams.

How are your systems kept secure, and how can we be assured our data is kept anonymous?

How are your systems kept secure, and how can we be assured our data is kept anonymous?

Once the installation is complete, what happens next?

The data processing process begins immediately, and the rollout of the MS Teams app for your employees will occur at a time that is convenient for you.  The data processing occurs in the background, and once the Pulse App is installed for your employees they will begin to see Pulse Survey Questions appear on a daily basis.  Our engineering teams will also be working to create and populate your dashboards which will be available to you within 30 days and will allow you to see your Holmetrics.

Will there be any impact on our systems with the installation of Holmetrics?

Our data processing routines run overnight and, on our servers, and will not impact your systems.  The Teams app will be sending Pulse surveys on a daily basis to your employees however this will not impact the performance of MS Teams.

What data is Hölmetrics collecting?

Holmetrics does not collect or store any sensitive data.  Our data connectors run daily and are designed to process email, chat and calendar event data on the fly, extracting only the features that are required for our modelling routines.  An example of some features for calendar events would be

a) Number of participants in a meeting

b) Time of meeting 

c) Length of meeting  

The features are stored on our secured servers and used as inputs to train our models. 

Where does the application reside, and where does the processed data reside?

We use AWS cloud infrastructure to host our application and data processing routines.  These servers are protected with the highest levels of security documented here: The servers themselves are located in the Canada Central region.