Workplace Psychological Safety Check

 Psychological safety is a climate or culture with trust and respect where people feel safe to do or say something considered “risky”. 


Step 1 – Sign Up

Create a free account and manage all your reports form a single place.

Step 2 – Connect Your Tools

Instead of using surveys, we use Artificial Intelligence to measure psychosocial risk present in organizational communication. We connect into the tools that teams use every day, like Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Slack, and use pre-existing data to assess psychological safety. Hölmetrics is fully anonymized, aggregated and safe.

3. Get Your Report

Within 48 business hours of authorizing your Hölmetrics integration you’ll receive a comprehensive report highlighting our measurement of 27 different organizational risks broken down into five categories (Workplace Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Trust, and Burnout). Each of the 27 risks will be given a score range indicating the measurement of risk present in your organization.